Update on Project

Lately I’ve been trying to organize all the records from my family history compilation and notes that I’ve taken from ancestry.com, and putting them into chronological order in a folder. My main source through the whole project has been my family’s compiled research, however it is hard to read in some parts and unfortunately not everything is on ancestry.There are still a few details missing from my family tree that I was unable to identify, such as the towns that some of my earlier ancestors were born in. It seems like the farther back I go through the generations, the less detailed and helpful the records are. However, I hope to find the answers to my remaining questions once I conduct my interview over Easter break. I’ve also been thinking about how I want to format my final project, and I decided on a poster. It seems like the most effective way to present it to the class, and I can put all of the information I’ve gathered on it, including maps of my ancestors origin. I don’t know what will be required in the final project, but I assume that I’ll include a put a copy of my family tree, and various maps of my family’s areas of origin and migration.  I found some useful maps of Austria, and various counties in Indiana:









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